New York Trail Blazers… hmm


If Sebastian Telfair would only call Nate McMillan a timid little prick, the Portland Trail Blazers would be the New York Knicks of the west

As team owner Paul Allen appears to be on the verge of giving up, the Blazers suffered what could have been the most embarrassing loss in their history last night.

At the end of three quarters on the road, they led the New Jersey Nets 60-57. Twelve game minutes later, they had managed to score just five points and were on the opposite side of a 13 point beating. The five they did score was good for the second lowest output by any team in a quarter since the advent of the shot clock.

Zach Randolph and Darius Miles were the only two players that even got to the free-throw line for the Blazers. McMillan attributed the terrible fourth quarter to his team’s lack of ball movement. It sounds to me like they didn’t even bother touching the ball, let alone pass it.

What if the Blazers played in the Garden?

How great would it be to read the New York media coverage of this team? Better yet, what if the two teams switched rosters but kept head coaches?

Imagine Larry Brown coaching the only team with less college experience than the Knicks. It would be hilarious. He’d be dealing with Telfair’s gun fiasco, the team giving up and Martell Webster being late to practice because he just found out he has a brother.

But at least he’d have Theo Ratliff.


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