MLS: Everyone Laugh At Us


Major League Soccer has decided that embarrassing itself in its All Star game might be beneficial to the development of American soccer.

The league invited European super power Chelsea to play against its best players in the event, marking the third time in four years an international club would do so.

The difference: One of those teams was Fulham, a middle of the pack at best team in the English Premier League. The other was CD Guadalajara who –while very popular– would struggle against the Red Bulls.

This is Chelsea. The defending EPL champions. The team that is going to comfortably win it again this year. One of the best teams in the world. We’re talking Manchester United, Real Madrid quality, a team regular Americans have actually heard of.

I don’t even understand why the MLS has an All Star game, but the fact they desire to play club teams is just ridiculous. If they win, it’s “well obviously, you had players from 12 countries.” If they lose, the league is a disgrace.

MLS has plenty of problems that they cannot help. Soccer doesn’t appeal to Americans. The talent is not top notch. They really struggle with naming teams. You learn to deal with it.

But letting a club from England beat up on them is completely avoidable.


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