Onslaught of Sosa Continues


For a guy that it seems no team wants to touch, Sammy Sosa still finds a lot of time to be in the news.

A week after the Chicago Tribune wrote two pieces on Turk Wendell’s feelings on Sosa and the steroid era in baseball, Mark Grace chose to go on Sporting News Radio and do the same.

Grace, who was a teammate of Sosa’s for eight years, called guys like Sammy, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds just a few of the obvious steroid abuses. He said there were many others that used and that he was offered them many times. When asked if he would vote for Sosa to enter the Hall of Fame, he replied with a simple “no.”

''There's a lot of guys that are not playing anymore, that are not even good players anymore, ever since they started testing for steroids. There's a lot of guys, just all of a sudden their recovery time is a little more than it used to be."

It was one thing for Wendell to go out and blast a bunch of guys that could rip him around the park opposite handed without the juice. But Grace doing it is different. He saw the entire game evolve from players who drank away their pain at the bar into super human monsters that injected themselves with anything they could get their hands on.

I’ll bet he knew the exact moment Sosa started using. Hell, I’ll bet he even saw him doing it.

I think this is just the start of ex-players throwing names of steroid users to the media. I don’t know how right it actually is for them to do so, especially because I feel like a lot of guys might just be upset they were pushed out of the game by the stronger athlete, but this might have to be the way it gets done.

Grace says Sosa's bulk had to be artificial – Chicago Sun Times


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