Check It Out: Holy Upsets!


A one seed may never lose in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, but at least it happened in one sport. Top seeded Minnesota was shocked by Holy Cross to become the first one to ever lose to a four seed in the opening round of the NCAA hockey tournament. To give a little glimpse of how big the upset was, the other one seed that played Friday, Boston University, won 9-2.

Kenny Rogers is going to avoid any jail time, community service or an actual fine for beating up a camera man by attending anger management classes. Rogers, a hick, will get four months to finish controlling his rage. It’s hard for me to think he didn’t come out the winner here.

Don’t worry. The authors and publishers of “Game of Shadows” are still going to get filthy rich off of Barry Bonds’ alleged steroid use. A judge denied the request of Bonds’ attorneys to seize profits from the book for no other reason than wanting to see the cheater suffer.


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