Selig Seeks Help in Understanding the Obvious


George Mitchell better have his reading glasses handy and a nice spot on the sofa prepared.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has asked the former Senate majority leader to help investigate steroid use in baseball, particularly by Barry Bonds. Basically, Selig is going to hand Mitchell a couple of books and have him decide which players were on the juice.

If he has time, maybe Mitchell will analyze a few before (presumed steroid use) and after (presumed steroid use) pictures of some players.

Once Mitchell finishes reading rubbish written by a guy that once let a ball bounce off his head for a homerun and an illegally obtained grand jury testimony, he will up with this astute observation:

Many players cheated. How many is unclear. There’s a good chance Bonds would drink horse blood if he thought it would help him hit more homeruns than Mark McGwire.

Then what? Forget the whole “best interests of baseball” thing. Selig can’t just penalize Bonds because he was the best at cheating. There’s no way one guy can be suspended when there might be 400 other users still playing.

That’s why this investigation is such a sham. It’s just Selig trying to protect a sport that has already been permanently scarred. The final conclusion will have something to do with inconclusive evidence because none of the accused ever tested positive.

Face it. Until a player admits to using, there is nothing baseball can do.

Mitchell to head steroid investigation - ESPN


Anonymous 7:10 PM, March 30, 2006  

There may not be anything that baseball can do if a player does not admit using steriods, but there is something I can do, i am Boycotting MLB in 2006.

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