I'll Take Florida


When Florida manages to make it past the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, they usually advance pretty far. In the past 16 years, they've only done so four times, but they have gone to the final four three times. I think they'll finally cut down the nets this season.

The Gators cruised through the Minneapolis region and now have what should be an easy path to Monday night’s final. Don’t get me wrong, George Mason has done a miraculous job, but they are clearly the weakest team remaining.

Unlike the UConn frontcourt, Florida’s big men have the ability to finish and that will hurt the Patriots severely. If GMU’s big guys get into foul trouble, the game probably won’t even be close.

I think the Gators will meet UCLA in the championship game. Here’s where I pat myself on the back. I picked the Bruins to go to the final four before the season began. UCLA has suddenly started playing outstanding defense they will run into the same problem as George Mason. Florida’s front court is scary good.

For the hell of it:
Florida 75 - GMU 59
UCLA 71 – LSU 66

Florida 68 – UCLA 61


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