In College, People Get Drunk


Administrators at Chico State University in California have decided to cancel the remaining twenty games of the softball team’s season because a 17 year old recruit went out and got hammered at a party and ended up in the hospital.

Not to make light of the problems people have with alcohol and the very real chance of injury or even death when underage kids are involved, but some times people go a bit overboard.

I understand that the players are supposed to responsible and I know all about peer pressure but at least some of the blame has to go on the girl. She was probably trying to fit in despite never having more than a few wine coolers in her life and then freaked out when she got sick.

The school’s reaction was definitely harsher than anything I’d expect. It’s nice that they want to take action but punishing an entire program over something like this is ridiculous. If every university in the country did that, there would be no NCAA.

They have to know that every other team at their school does the same thing and that there’s beer pong being played in every freshman dorm on campus.

Cancel a few games, suspend a few players, make them go to alcohol classes, force them to do community service. Don’t cancel the season.

It’s college. Let the girls learn from their mistake.


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