Favre Plays to Win or He Doesn’t Play at All


If Terrell Owens said half the things Brett Favre says, he’d be out of a job. Again.

Favre made it clear once more that he has not made a decision on whether or not he would retire this season but did say that he only wanted to be on a team that is capable of playing at a high level. Basically, he’d like to throw interceptions in meaningful games.

Favre reminds me of the kid in pickup basketball that will only play if he’s the first pick and then cries when teams are unfair. He’s a diva that isn’t even good at what he does anymore. Not even close to good. Last year, he was about as efficient as Joey Harrington.

Today was supposed to be the day that Favre’s roster bonus was due but the team has apparently pushed it back for the third time this off-season – something he could care less about.

"If I don't tell them by Saturday, what will they do, cut me?"

Considering the Packers are going 4-12 with an old guy that cries about losing or 4-12 with a young kid that has potential, they might as well.


twins15 1:53 AM, April 02, 2006  

All this coming from a guy that played like a rookie last year with some of his decisions...

Anonymous 2:34 PM, April 02, 2006  

fuck brett favre and his mother

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