Supporting Cuba, If Only for a Few Weeks


As the non-tivo/tape delayed portion of the World Baseball Classic begins, the tournament favorites will take center stage.

But honestly, I could care less about the United States, Dominican Republic or Venezuela. I already know the players they have. Nope, I’m more intrigued by Cuba. Hell, I hope Castro’s crew wins a few games.

Can I even say that? I feel like its taboo to root for our communist enemies.

I like Cuba because anything can happen with those guys. They might dominate the way they did the Olympics before the IOC decided baseball was less of a sport than archery. Players might defect in flocks to play in this country. Say the USA and Cuba play each other in the finals, will Bush and Castro acknowledge one another? The opportunities are endless.

One thing Cuba won’t do is embarrass itself. This tournament means more to them than it means to every other country combined. The fans in the Dominican might buy into it, but I can’t see the players wanting this thing as bad as the Cubans. If ever a country’s hopes and dreams rode upon a baseball team, this is it.

While it seems like other teams are loaded in either offense or pitching, I feel like Cuba will be very balanced. They will have good pitching and their lineup will probably be more gap-to-gap than over the wall, but I’m sure they have players who can swing.

I don’t think they have a chance the win the classic. They are facing too much Major League talent. I do think they will at least advance through to the second phase however.

Of course, no one really knows and that’s what will make their games most enjoyable.


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