When Women Act Like Foolish Men...


They get praised on SportsCenter.

Never mind the fact that Tennessee has been the face of women’s basketball for the last twenty years. Never mind that the Tennessee/UConn rivalry has inspired just as many girls as USA women’s soccer to begin playing sports. Nope, that means nothing.

But now that a girl can embarrass her clearly inferior opponents by dunking and sticking her tongue out, women’s basketball has officially made it. I mean holy freakin’ ratings! Maybe now the sport can finally battle Bass Masters for viewer supremacy.

Seriously, Candace Parker is the best player on one of the best teams in the country. She shouldn’t have to be featured on ESPN because she barely slammed down against fifteenth seeded Army. Commend Parker for averaging 17 and 8 this season and being the best defender on her team. I think those statistics are a little more important than two dunks.

The women’s game is more about teamwork, passing and the ability to shoot. It’s a fundamental game. The people who do watch women’s basketball don’t tune in to see dunks and those who don’t are not going to start because some girl can play –quite awkwardly I must say- above the rim.


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