Bonds Sent Trainer to “Help” Sheffield


Maybe Greg Anderson visited Garry Sheffield in an attempt to fix a hitch in his swing.

The San Francisco Chronicle, your everyday guide to the steroid scandal, is reporting that Barry Bonds asked Anderson to fly to Minneapolis and work with a struggling Sheffield in June of 2002.

Sheffield, a member of the Atlanta Braves at the time, was hitting just .260 prior to their encounter. During the visit, Anderson reserved a hotel’s exercise facility, administered a blood or urine sample and provided Sheffield with some type of supplement.

Following their meeting, Sheffield regained form and finished the year batting .307. A season later, he was third in MVP voting and set career highs of 132 RBI and 190 hits.

It is becoming more evident that Bud Selig should have hired the people at the Chronicle to conduct the steroids investigation because they seem to know everything about baseball’s cheaters.

It’s now quite obvious that Sheffield is just as guilty as Bonds. The question now becomes: Who else? It seems like a lot of people in baseball are saying that we are going to be shocked when we realize just how many players used steroids.

As a fan, I’m torn between wanting to know exactly what players cheated and wishing it would all just blow over


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