Check It Out: In Search of New Look, Tennis Player Shoplifted


While it’s not quite Winona Ryder, I still find it amusing anytime a semi-famous person gets caught stealing. How stupid can you be? Katerina Bohmova, the world’s 128th ranked women’s tennis player was arrested for shoplifting two sweaters, two pairs of jeans, a shirt and jewelry from a Belk department store in Florida. Better yet, her mother of the same name (weird) was also arrested.

Anyone with Eric Gagne on their fantasy roster must be pissed. The lights out – but oft-injured – Los Angeles Dodgers’ closer will undergo his second elbow surgery in ten months. The team said he could be out four to six weeks, but I have a feeling the rest of his season will be ruined by this injury. It’s really unfortunate. Two years ago, Gagne was one of the most fascinating players in baseball to watch. He has barely pitched since.

Bobby Gonzalez is expected to be announced as Seton Hall’s new basketball coach after every other coach in the country turned the job down. Gonzalez was the right choice all along but is rumored to be a prick, which is why the Hall looked elsewhere. Strange that the Pirates would go from such a classy guy in Louis Orr to a low life like Gonzalez. But hey, at least the low life can recruit New York.


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