Check It Out: Over The Weekend…


Former North Carolina State star and current Denver Nuggets’ rookie Julius Hodge was shot early Saturday morning after hanging out with rapper Young Jeezy. I’ll always remember Hodge for torching Rudy Gay in the 2005 NCAA tournament, so I don’t really like him at all but it’s good to hear that he will make a full recovery.

Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated after pretty much dominating Zab Judah. Despite the beating he took, Judah was probably responsible for two of the best punches of the fight. Unfortunately, one was a low blow and the other was an illegal punch to the back of the head. The two hits resulted in all kinds of characters running into the ring like some type of Royal Rumble was taking place. While things like this can’t be good for boxing, I think they’re pretty entertaining.

What’s the bigger story at Augusta? Phil winning or Tiger losing? Phil Mickelson captured his second green jacket shooting seven under for the tournament. Woods finished tied for third with about ten others.


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