Losing is A Lot Worse in Other Parts of the World


For those that don’t already know, football/soccer fans are absolutely psycho.

Inter Milan players were harassed by angry supporters outside of Malpensa Airport when they returned home Sunday morning. And that was after a 2-1 win.

The followers were obviously still steaming about Inter’s surprising elimination from the Champions League last Tuesday and felt that calling the players “pussies” just wasn’t enough. Some decided to mask themselves and attack the team, leaving one player with a bruised head. Two police officers were also injured during the mêlée.

First of all, the fact that fans were even allowed to get close enough to the players to be able to fight them brings up major safety issues but I guess that’s how Italy rolls.

This whole situation illustrates just how different foreign countries are from the United States. Can you even imagine this happening in our country? I guarantee there’s know way Tony from the Bronx is getting any where near Alex Rodriguez with his pizza cutter.

Personally, I’m glad fans in this country aren’t all bloodthirsty when their team loses. Nope, we’ll stick to setting cities on fire when our favorite team wins. Thank you.

On a side note, Inter fans also cost the team about $31,000 after chanting racial slurs at a defender on an opposing team. Basically, they are terrible people that I am extremely frightened by.

Hooliganos Italianos – World Chumps


Anonymous 8:31 PM, April 10, 2006  

who made the "dans take" logo?? its totally awesome!!!

Csai D. 8:40 PM, April 10, 2006  

Yeah, we are thugs in Europe. But we dont have NBA millionaire players who behave like animals and get into fist fights with the crowd. Neither we have an entire sport plagued with steroid addicts (MLB, and NFL?) and the only punishment is 10 days off. I am still searching for a European sport that allows violent fights like Hockey.

Before condemning us, have a look at your sports.

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