D-League Comes Up With Train Wreck of an Idea


There may be an age limit for entering the NBA but for those who think dance and aerobics classes are a waste of time, there is a loop hole. The D-League has decided to lower its age requirements to 18 years old beginning next season.

This is huge step in the wrong direction for professional basketball in the United States, which seemed to finally realize that college might actually be beneficial in the development of future stars.

Now players could theoretically choose to play in the D-League for a year and get paid rather than be the most beloved face on a campus. I’m sure the majority of athletes will still go with a year of college but there will be those guys who do make the jump. Unfortunately, the players who do decide to play a year in the D-League will be the exact players that NBA franchises believe need to play college ball first.

There’s another problem here too.

Say I’m wrong and the majority of one and done college players choose to take the D-League route, won’t the NBA draft be effected by this rule?

I’m pretty sure that D-League players are allowed to be picked up by any NBA team so what would happen if a player like Greg Oden decided that he didn’t want to attend Ohio State? Wouldn’t he become the most highly pursued free agent in the game the following year while avoiding being drafted by a last place team?

I have a feeling that this rule was not thought through very well.

NBA D-League lowers minimum age requirement to 18 - Yahoo


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