If Basketball and Rapping Don’t Work Out, Try Football


Much like his playing time, Connecticut’s Ed Nelson has seen his future in basketball go from promising to nonexistent over the last four years. It honestly comes as no surprise that he plans to give the game up altogether.

Sadly, his new career plans don’t involve professional wrestling, even though I think he would make a great masked villain. Nope, instead the sparingly used forward intends to pursue a career as a tight end in the NFL. According to Nelson’s agent, there is an 80 percent chance that a team will sign him.

Nelson’s football experience ended after playing freshman football in high school but he assured the pro scouts not be worried, as he was a beast in Pop Warner.

My favorite story about the former ACC rookie of the year came first hand last year at UConn’s annual Spring Weekend. Even with an overabundance of absurdly drunken college kids, basketball players still stick out like no other. So as a few friends and I were walking around, we ran into the very noticeable Charlie Villanueva. He happened to be with Nelson. People began to flock towards the group, attempting to get in pictures with Charlie and trying to figure out who the tall white guy was.

All of a sudden, the chant, “Ed Nelson Sucks” broke out and you had about 2,000 people all screaming at the poor guy. The fans may have been angered at his stupidity after the rumor got out that he had lost his national championship ring the day before.

That or he does in fact suck.

Nelson Going Different Route – Hartford Courant
College Athletes Continue To Disgrace Rap Music – Deadspin. Let us never forget that Ed Nelson did attempt to rap


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