Buehrle Locked Down By Sox


Mark Buehrle has won more games than Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens over the last four years.

But while Johnson controls who catches him no matter how much it affects a lineup and Clemens dictates who he’ll play for, when he’ll play and whether or not he’ll bother to show up on days he doesn’t pitch, Buehrle can’t even play in the rain without getting in trouble.

The left hander was fined and reprimanded by the Chicago White Sox after diving headfirst slip n’ slide style across U.S. Cellular Field’s tarp covered infield. Apparently he had been making a fool of himself during rain delays for four years, but the team’s general manager Kenny Williams was not happy that a fan ran on to the field after watching Buehrle and decided to punish him.

It’s strange that a team that is allowed to partake in wrestling storylines would discipline its best pitcher for something so petty. I guess there is some risk for injury there. I mean he could catch a cold and miss a start.

Somehow though, I doubt Johnson or Clemens would be in any sort of trouble for this. They could probably tell teams that they wanted women from the crowd to wear white tee-shirts while sliding across the field and it would be considered a brilliant marketing promotion.


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