The Nationals Are Looking For a Fight


The Washington Nationals do not get along with the rest of the National League Eastern division.
The season is barely two weeks old and the team almost got in their second fight with a division rival Sunday, after Marlon Anderson felt he was being showed up by the pitiful Florida Marlins.

In the seventh inning of a tie game, Marlins’ reliever Carlos Martinez, fresh off hitting puberty, struck out Anderson for the second out. The 20 year old gave a very unnecessary fist pump, ass wiggle dance celebration that sent Anderson into a frenzy.

The benches did clear but once Anderson remembered he was just a baseball player, the Nationals second baseman chose not charge the mound, avoiding an embarrassing slap fight.

You’ll remember that the Nationals almost had it out with the New York Mets last week after the entire team was hit with pitches. The team managed to evade fighting in that situation as well, but I'm certain that shit is going to hit the fan one of these days.

With over five months left to play, it’s safe to say that there will be a number bench clearing incidents between the Nationals and the rest of the NL East. At the very least, I’m expecting Frank Robinson to sucker punch Bobby Cox.


Sussman 3:13 PM, April 17, 2006  

You forgot Jose Vidro's conflict vs. his own stadium.

I still think the team is dysfunctional enough to finish third in that division.

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