The Blazers Had a Rough Year


In New York, the Knicks stopped listening to Larry Brown, avoided playing defense and probably would have been better off competing in a Royal Rumble against one another. But for the most part, they still showed up.

That hasn’t been the case for the other miserably bad team in the NBA.

Portland’s Zach Randolph was suspended Monday for “conduct detrimental the team” after he missed a photo session and shoot around on Saturday. For good measure, he left the arena during the third quarter of a game that night.

Last week, Darius Miles decided to put his street clothes on after half time of the Trail Blazers’ game with the Los Angeles Clippers, resulting in him being sent home for the final game of the team’s road trip.

Without their two leading scorers, the Blazers were blown out by Golden State last night 93-79.

This is quite an accomplishment for Portland. They managed to embarrass themselves just as much as the Knicks, with half the payroll.

I guess that’s what you get when you have an entire team of kids who were too good for college and one who even played an idiot jock in a movie about stealing the SAT.

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