Halftime with Gilbert Arenas


Gilbert Arenas isn’t quite basketball’s version of Clinton Portis. But he’s still damn cool.

After describing himself as the Dave Chappelle of the NBA, Arenas mentioned that while his teammates are trying to get ready, he plays online poker at halftime of Washington Wizards’ games.

I love this. Just think about what must transpire in that locker room.

Coach Eddie Jordan: Alright guys, we need to lock down Rip Hamilton. He’s torching us.
Arenas: Aww shit dawg, I got aces. You know I’m ‘bout to be all-in.
Jordan: Gilbert, we need you to take better shots.
Arenas: Man f*ck that shit. Dude calls me with 5-7 off-suit and catches a straight. Pokerstars be cheatin’.

What if Michael Jordan was still on the Wizards? The two would be playing high card for touches in the second half.

Online Poker at Halftime? Works for Arenas – ABC News
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Anonymous 4:59 PM, April 19, 2006  

5-7 good hand

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