Delmon Young K's, Goes Crazy


You think Devil Rays’ super prospect Delmon Young is just a little frustrated he hasn’t been called up to the show yet?

In the most stunning Minor League Baseball happening since Izzy Alcantara ninja kicked a catcher in the face mask, Young flipped his bat into the chest of an umpire after being called out on strikes in first inning of tonight’s Durham Bulls/Pawtucket Red Sox game.

The younger brother of Detroit Tigers’ outfielder Dmitri Young, Delmon’s name has been a mainstay in baseball ever since Baseball America named him the best 14 year old in the country six years ago.

This little altercation is the first I’ve heard about Delmon getting out of line, but still, it’s pretty big. It’s not like punching an umpire in the face, but it is a little more than calling him a dick or something.

I’d imagine that he’s going get a fairly decent suspension for the incident and it certainly isn’t going to aid well in his development as a ball player. Even though the minors are using scabs right now, umpiring is a fraternity. In attempting to hurt a member of that fraternity, it could come back to bite Young.

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