Just What About Doc Gooden do People See in Felix Hernandez?


If someone told me that I reminded them of a drug addict that was on his way back to jail, I wouldn’t be all that quick to embrace it. I can only imagine how Felix Hernandez feels.

Hernandez is the Seattle Mariners 19 year old stud pitcher that looks like he on the fast track to becoming one of the game’s best. Armed with a rocket for a right arm and all the poise of a ten year veteran, he is certainly something else.

Given the Lebron James-like tag of Felix the Great, Hernandez has been compared to Dwight Gooden for his extraordinary talent and what he has brought to the game at such a young age.

Gooden won the National League Rookie of the Year in 1984, the NL CY Young Award in ’85 and then pitched the New York Mets to a World Series title in ’86. He also threw a no hitter while with the Yankees ten years later.

Unfortunately the Doc would give it all up if he could spend the rest of his days sitting on a never ending supply of the coca plant.

That’s why I hate to hear this comparison. Wishing Gooden’s life on someone is like asking them to throw away their god given gift. It’s not even as if he is a good man that has succumbed over and over to his demons. The guy also drives drunk and beats his wife.

Let’s hope Hernandez’ career turns out to be nothing like Gooden’s. I want to see him break records, not the law.

Baseball is a hard sport to enjoy on television but there are some players (Clemens, Pedro, Randy Johnson) that you can’t help but be amazed by. Hernandez is in a rare class.

I’d hate to see him ruin that.


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