ESPN Aims to Lose More Viewers


From the people who approved such gems as Knight School, Bound for Glory with Dick Butkus and of course, Quite Frankly comes the next ridiculous suggestion for a television program: Dominoes.

ESPN will begin showing taped dominoes games this June and they believe that the idea will catch fire the way poker did in the summer of 2003.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The game of dominoes is popular mainly in the Hispanic community which means it probably won’t do much for the millions of white kids that watch ESPN every second of the day. Unless you are part of that culture, you aren’t going to enjoy –or even understand- the game.

If they want to introduce dominoes to the world, the network might as well devote a night to promoting games from all walks of life. Show a half hour of dice games in Compton followed by competitive eating and then right into an hour dedicated to Irish pub fighting.

Otherwise this idea will be about as bright as letting Slater host ESPN Hollywood.


twins15 2:27 AM, April 04, 2006  

Please tell me this is like a late April Fool's Day joke. Dominoes?

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