Bonds Assures: I’m Still an Asshole


Flashing a smile for the camera wasn’t a problem. But writing his name on a ball was out of the question for Barry Bonds.

Bonds blasted his 713th career homerun off Philadelphia’s Jon Lieber Sunday night, moving him within one of tying Babe Ruth for second place all time. The homerun came in the sixth inning and traveled an estimated 450 feet before bouncing off the façade in right field at Citizens Bank Ballpark and landing in the hands of Carlos Oliveras.

The 25 year old had a very bizarre -albeit smart- way of making sure no one attempted to snatch the ball. Had a fan tried, they’d have grabbed more than they bargained for. Once it found Oliveras’ hands, he immediately stuck the ball between his legs in an effort to conceal it… There is doubt in my mind that he has hidden items down there before. No one just catches a homerun and comes up with that idea.

After the game, Bonds told the media that he wouldn’t sign the ball and then laughed when the fan asked. The two did take a picture and shake hands, although Bonds made sure that Oliveras’ washed himself thoroughly first.

I’m not sure why signing the ball would be such a problem, especially considering ESPN made the fan sign a waiver for Bonds’ reality show, but you have to consider the source. I guess that if you’re not helping him pay for his mistress’ home, you aren’t getting an autograph.

Lucky fan gets photo with Bonds but no autograph - Yahoo


Sports Aficionado 6:31 PM, May 09, 2006  

Hey I Can't Believe The Dude Seriously I Mean What Goes Through Bonds Head. He Is Continuesly Crying On Bonds On Bonds About How Hard He Has It Yet He Never Tries To Better Himself. The Guy Oliveras Actually Likes Bonds And Bought Three Tickets Just To Watch Him Break Ruths Record Yet Bonds Wont Sign It. I Have Also Read Somewhere But Cant Find The Article Where Bonds Talks About How He Will Not Let Anyone Better Their Situation By His Signature. Honestly What A Prick He Is So Caught Up In The Money And Fame That It Didn't Matter The Shelled Out His Money To Buy THREE Tickets To See The Milestone Reached. Bonds Is Continuously Turning More And More Fans Away But Yet He Crys About How Hard He Has It. Come On Now Do They Sell Steriods To Stop All The Bitching?

Thanks For The Time Ladies And Gentlemen

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