Boxer Makes Mistake of Believing Don King


Tito Santana look-alike Ricardo Mayorga is threatening to pull out of his Junior Middleweight title defense against Oscar De La Hoya Saturday night citing his disappointment with only receiving $2 million for the fight when he was told that he would be getting $8 million.

Although he signed a $2 million contract, Mayorga maintains that Don King guaranteed him the extra $6 million.

"I wanted to sign a contract for $8 million. I signed one for a lesser amount to lure Oscar into the fight," Mayorga said. "I want what was initially told to me. I'm not going to fight for free. What I am being offered at this point is not what I was offered verbally, and that's what I want them to live up to.”

Naturally, King denied ever making such a promise.

Just from checking out his Wikipedia page, Mayorga doesn’t really seem like the most intelligent person in the world. He smokes two packs of cigarettes a day when he isn’t in training and has allegedly punched a woman over a debt he owed, threatened and beat up some other guy and raped another woman. There is no mention of his reading level.

I guess it’s a possibility that Mayorga didn’t realize who he was dealing with. King’s word is about as unreliable as any man in the entire world. The guy was a con man before being a promoter, which most say goes hand in hand. He is the type of person that makes promises just to break them.

It’s tough being a boxer. They have about as much influence on their life as race horses and they don’t get laid nearly as much – at least not consensually. But in this case, Mayorga is very wrong. Maybe he got scammed by the lowest of lowlifes, but that’s his or his lawyer’s fault. He signed a contract and now he needs to honor it.

Update: Realizing that $2 million is a lot more than say… nothing, Mayorga has decided to go through with the fight after all. Chalk another one up for Don King.

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