Clemens to be a Pitcher Again


National League teams that aren’t located in Washington, Florida, Chicago or Pittsburgh must be pretty pissed. The ones that still have a shot at making the playoffs now have to deal with Roger Clemens.

It appears as though Clemens is about to re-sign with Houston (although his agent denies the claim) within the next week or two, becoming the ultimate addition to a playoff contender.

Say this about Clemens:

  • He’s a selfish prick.

  • He’s the greediest man in sports.

  • He might be the devil.

  • He shares the same ability to defy aging with Barry Bonds, as he’s gotten stronger in his 40’s.

But remember to say this:

The guy is a gamer. Even with Andy Pettitte struggling, I’d take the trio of Clemens, Roy Oswalt and Pettitte over any pitching staff in baseball. Face it; the Astros are going to run away with the Wild Card.

While this is only speculation, one thing that will absolutely infuriate me is if the Astros decide to call up his son in September as a sign of appreciation towards The Rocket. The kid can’t hit his weight in the Low A ball, he has no right to even be added to a 40 man roster, let alone stand in a Major League dugout this season.

Clemens worth a lotta cheeseburgers – Double Play Depth


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