Kelvin Sampson Better Have Unlimited Text Messaging


The hiring of Kelvin Sampson came with a lot of questions. Now Indiana has some answering to do.

The NCAA banned Sampson from calling recruits and making off campus visits for one year due to rules he broke while at Oklahoma. Sampson allegedly made 233 extra phone calls to potential players from 2000-2004. It has been reported that his assistants made an additional 344 illegal calls during the same time period.

The one positive sign that comes from this whole situation for Indiana is that Sampson is obviously a relentless recruiter. It’s just that he cheats.

Sampson’s contract does say that Indiana could fire him if the NCAA elected to impose penalties regarding whatever went down in Norman. Unfortunately, it’s a little late to start searching for another new coach.

Of course, there’s always Isiah.


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