Isiah’s a Sensitive Man


ESPN analyst and former Knick Greg Anthony was absolutely blasted by current Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas because of the way the network treated his team on draft day.

Thomas apparently singled out Anthony’s criticisms as worse than… oh say… the rest of the world’s.

Thomas probably does deserve some blame here. I mean he did draft Renaldo Balkman. But he’s basically saying that Anthony wasn’t a good enough player himself to call out anyone.

"Greg Anthony should never ever be in a position to question myself on anything about basketball," Thomas said. "I do remember the kind of player he was. I'll leave it at that."
Whether Balkman works out to be the 8 point, 8 rebound star that Zeke wants him to be or completely flops, that doesn’t really matter. The point is that Thomas’ comments gives a slight glimpse into what the great players, current or past, think of all of the guys who weren’t very good and now spend their time ripping into others on television.

Maybe he just set a trend.

I would give anything to hear Terrell Owens tell Sean Salisbury that he wasn’t good enough to even speak his name or see someone tell John Kruk that a 21 homerun season doesn’t make him an expert.

Anyway, we all know that this whole Knicks situation is going to end up bad and Isiah is going to lose his job. Let’s just hope he at least leaves with some pizzazz, calling out as many ex-role player analysts as possible before he goes.


twins15 2:23 AM, October 20, 2006  

I had a good laugh when I read this article... maybe Isiah should focus more on just running a team... he has enough problems there!

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