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While we worry about what American athletes are injecting into their bodies, the English seem to be worried about what or how much is coming out of Premiership players’ bodies.

Peter Kay, the chief executive of the Sporting Chance clinic, reports that an increasing numbers of players are spending an awful lot of money on their internet porn addiction.

Kay says that going to porn sites could lead to riskier material.

I guess that’s true. I mean one minute you could be looking at teen coeds and the next minute you’re heading to Eastern Europe to satisfy yourself by murdering teenagers like in Hostel. Here in the states, you might even end up on Dateline or something.

He also said that unlike using cocaine, it’s okay to try porn once. It just becomes a problem when you miss your penalty kick for thinking about those aforementioned teen coeds.

"It becomes a problem when he is doing it 14, 15, 16 times and then when he stops, he is playing a football game and he is thinking ‘I can't wait to get back to that site’."

You have to assume that if it’s going on overseas, the same thing is probably happening in this country. Obviously no one would ever own up to it, but that’s why we make guesses...

JJ Redick – Yes, more than likely gay porn
Manny Ramirez – Are you kidding? Manny might be in porn and not know.
Stephon Marbury – Nah.
Peyton Manning – Probably not.
Eli Manning – Probably definitely.
Gilbert Arenas – Gotta have something to watch while playing poker.
Evgeni Malkin – Who?
Sal Fasano – Undoubtedly.

Feel free to add your favorite players to the list…

Stop Watching Porn and Play the Game – Choke Artist


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