Mike Tyson VS You're Sister: It Could Happen


Realizing just now that unlawfully inserting his penis into women is wrong, Mike Tyson is considering moving on to the next best moral option: Legally beating them up.

At a press conference promoting his upcoming world tour, Tyson said he doesn’t mind the idea of boxing women and named Ann Wolf as one of his potential victims. Lucky her.

I sincerely hope that female boxers aren’t half as stupid as guys - though I doubt that – because if they are, we’re probably going to see some testosterone filled tranny jump at the offer to fight the former champ. If Larry Holmes was a woman, I’m sure he’d do it.

To me, the question isn’t if, it’s how soon? And is there any chance will we ever see Tyson, once the greatest fighter since Ali, fight Muhammad’s daughter Laila?

During the same press conference, “Iron” Mike made time to express his support for Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele, which is weird considering he is the half brother of Tyson’s ex-wife Monica Turner.

No word yet on whether or not Turner will offer advice on how to avoid his right hook.


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