UConn Picks Wrong Spot to Start Enforcing Rules


Before painting Randy Edsall as a model disciplinarian in a world that barely penalizes blatant thuggery, the UConn football coach’s true motive needs to come out.

Edsall dismissed five players from his team following its blowout loss to South Florida two Saturday’s ago for purchasing two six packs of beer the night before. The players were originally approached by an assistant coach but lied about having anything in their bag.

On the surface, he appears to be the anti-Larry Coker, or Jim Calhoun for that matter. A hardass who puts the image of the program before all else. Then again, it’s easy to make an example out of kids who aren’t going to help you try and go 6-6 every year.

Say it was Terry Caulley, a stand up guy who has done a lot for the program. Would he have been handed the same harsh punishment? A few years ago, Dan Orlovsky could have gone to Edsall’s room and asked if he had a lime for his Corona with no questions asked.

Edsall didn’t make this decision out of necessity, but rather to send a message. I think I’ll wait until the next time a starter gets in trouble before deciding on what that message was.

UPDATE: I’m a complete jackass. Apparently all of the players dismissed were on very thin ice with Edsall. Still you’d think he’d have already gotten rid of the guy that was arrested for marijuana possession with intent to sell last December, right?

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