More on Telfair's Hoodlum Antics


So if yesterday there was absolutely no chance that Sebastian Telfair had anything to do with Fabolous’ shooting, today there’s at least a glimmer of hope.

The New York Post reports that Telfair was overheard making a phone call shortly after his $50,000 chain was stolen saying, “Get over here and take care of it.” It’s pretty clear that he wasn’t talking to the police.

The article leads you to believe that someone in Fabolous’ entourage did steal Telfair’s chain. If that ends up true, whether the police prove it or not, then the former Lincoln High star probably had to be involved in the shooting.

My stance remains the same. I’m all for this story being true. While Ray Allen overcame the prevalent Coney Island temptations in He Got Game, Telfair appears to be the anti-Jesus Shuttlesworth. He’s hood and the league isn’t going to change him. Watch your back Rajon Rondo.

As for Fabolous, well, I guess if gunshots don’t kill ya, they’ll probably help you sell records. Getting shot by an NBA player (or his friends,) living to tell about it and presumably keeping Telfair’s chain is instant street cred in my book.


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