Giles may be all done at Kansas


When CJ Giles came to Kansas in 2004, he may not have expected to still be there now. He probably did expect to still be playing basketball.

He’s not.

Giles is currently serving an indefinite suspension until he can get his personal life in order. That includes but is not limited to going to class and taking responsibility for the child he has failed to help raise.

Well that just perfect. A basketball player at a big time basketball school can’t pass. Maybe Giles can’t read, in which case I guess you can’t blame him. But more than likely it’s because he’s not into the whole college part of being a college basketball player. Then, as Jason Whitlock points out, it’s his own fault.

There’s also this issue of being a deadbeat dad. Giles owes $4,000 in child support payments to the mother of a kid he’s seen only a handful of times. Aside from all the obvious reasons why this is unfortunate, now the little fella has to grow up admitting that his father is the guy that was too stupid to be apart of Kansas’ national championship team.

It’s too bad. This whole situation kind of represents both sides of the argument over skipping college to go straight to the NBA.

We all know why people should get their education. But school clearly hasn’t helped Giles. Had he gone straight to the league, (which he could have, the 1 year rule began in 2005) he wouldn’t have had to deal with the rigors of both academia and basketball. Maybe he would have developed better from sitting at the end of an NBA bench ala Jermaine O’Neal. Maybe a teammate would have handed him a box of condoms.


The problem now is that there’s so much room for speculation. In a world that should be full of assurances for a 6’10 star basketball player, Giles is left to pick up the pieces of his own mess, hoping for a chance to make things right.

That opportunity is anything but guaranteed.

Giles throws it away – Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star


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