Oh god. ESPN radio just called it pinegate


It looks like Brett Favre might retain his title as America’s most beloved hick. The Gambler appears to have been caught cheating.

Never mind that a former perennial choke artist helped Detroit even the World Series at one as they head to St. Louis for three games. Forget the 23 consecutive shutout innings that he’s tossed. Instead the focus is on the dark substance that was on Kenny Rogers' hand in the first inning.

It seems that Rogers was caught with pine tar on his pitching hand (which is illegal) and was basically given a pass by the umpire, so long as he went and washed it off after the inning. Of course that’s not what anyone else is claiming, but you can’t possibly believe that all he had on his hand was dirt and rosin, right?

This really isn’t that big of a deal at all, and he did do fine minus the sticky fingers, but you can bet it’s going to become the story of the playoffs. ESPN has already released a report saying the substance was on his hand in each of his last two outings as well. Get ready for Yankee fans to start calling for do overs.

If you really want to give someone shit, how about Tony La Russa? He had to know what was going on. The guy’s seen a lot of baseball. He could have had Rogers checked and maybe ejected, forcing Jim Leyland to make a big decision. Instead he remained quiet, opting not to fuck with that old metal spike wearing, fungo hittin, two pack a day psycho son of a bitch.

A lot of people are already on this and for the most part, Rogers has been thrown under the bus…
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