The Bottom 3: ACC


By early next week, every Top 25 team in America will have opened its season, presumably blowing out the Elon’s and Prarie View’s of the world. Rather than previewing college basketball by telling you that Florida and UNC are lookin’ good or going out on a limb and guessing that Villanova might be down, I’ve decided to break down some of the worst teams in every conference. (Note: The small conferences will be done three at a time, while the major conferences will focus on three pitiful teams – hence the Bottom 3.)

Wake Forest
It’s become clear over the last decade that Wake Forest cannot maintain its place among the upper echelon teams in the ACC for very long. They are able to attract excellent players (Tim Duncan, Chris Paul) but it’s like they have failed to bring in even adequate replacements to the stars. This season will be just as bad as last season for Skip Prosser and company, as they continuously throw young players into the fire.

It seems like Clemson athletics has one of the most balanced programs in the country. Unfortunately, all its teams are evenly average. Football and basketball especially, the Tigers are usually a competitive non-factor, meaning they’re never a pushover but you’d rather play them over a host of better schools. This year, the basketball team lost its top two scorers and a lack of an inside presence won’t help either. The Tigers might be able to qualify for the NIT, but the NCAA’s are unattainable.

The Hurricanes are going to surprise people early, more because their schedule than their ability however. It’s conceivable that they could head into January with 13 wins, unless of course Stetson or Buffalo takes them down. Once the league schedule gets into full swing, wins will be scarce. Miami’s offense was based around the perimeter last season and that’s going to chance because they no longer have Guillermo Diaz and Robert Hite to score at will. Miami is quickly becoming a third option behind FSU and Florida in both basketball and football, this team won’t help that outlook.


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