'Melo gives 3 mil to school he barely knows


Carmelo Anthony’s latest contribution to Syracuse University was a lot more than he should be expected to give.

About $3 million more.

Anthony is donating that sum of money to the school he helped lead to the 2003 NCAA championship so it can build a new practice facility. The gym will be named after him in honor of his generous gift. Maybe they should throw him an honorary degree as well.

I guess its fitting that he’d give the money to the basketball program, but I wonder if he would have made the same contribution if it was an educational facility that was in need of money. The Carmelo Anthony School of Journalism does have a nice ring to it.

Anthony’s altruism aside, one has to wonder just how much in need of money the Cuse was to have Jim Boeheim’s wife go and beg a kid who spent all of six months there for that kind of cash.

“I thought that winning the championship was enough,” Anthony said, “but it wasn’t, so I had to give back to let them know that I didn’t forget about them.”
Sounds like he got guilt tripped to me.

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