Last time I checked, UConn wasn’t Yale II


And this time it’s actually on the field.

While the big name DI school upstate hovers around mediocrity, Yale football needs one win in its final two games in order to clinch at least a share of the Ivy League crown. It won’t be easy though. The 25th ranked (IAA) Bulldogs (7-1, 6-0) host No. 21 Princeton Saturday and end the season at No. 15 Harvard.

Although history says they shared the league title with Brown in 1999, I cannot remember a time during my life that Yale has been any good. They’ve lost all five times I’ve seen them play.

This season is slightly different though. The New Haven Register is showing them love, they’ve got an outstanding running back and they even have a little street cred. If it wasn’t for some battle between two hick states, ESPN’s Gameday crew was going to attend Saturday’s game, which is pretty impressive.

At this point, you have to be rooting for the Yalies. They could use a feel good story considering they’re partially to blame for Georgey Bush. Both of them.

All kidding aside, I think an instate clash between the Bulldogs and Huskies would actually be very competitive. Of course, it wouldn’t settle the dispute for the best football team in Connecticut.

The winner would have to play Greenwich High.


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