Craig James, shit-listed by many


Yet another announcer is facing heat after going out of his way to be a dickhead.

On a day in which it was easy to make an “it seems like everyone from Penn State has been laid out today, including Joe Paterno” joke, ABC commentator Craig James chose to attack the 183 year old head coach’s timelessness.

At half time, Paterno yelled at a cameraman because he was unhappy that Wisconsin purposely went offside on back to back kickoffs in order to kill the clock. James then deemed it necessary to make fun of the burst of energy from JoePa.

“So JoePa goes in at halftime, and I mean the camera crew is following him, and JoePa's Geritol, the Geritol that he had too much of this morning, kicks in. Must of had, must of had bad beans in his soup last night. Man JoePa is fired up and ready to get after him.”
Now that’s really not that bad, but it set up another gem from James as he applauded Wisconsin’s coach.
“Way to go Coach Bielema. Give it to the old fart.”
As you would probably guess, Nittany Lions fans are calling for James to be fired, tortured and burned at the stake. Me? I’d just settle for the latter two.

Seriously though, James should not lose his job over this. He picked a bad forum to make a tasteless joke. That’s all. He wasn’t challenging JoePa to a fight or making ethnically insensitive comments or calling him gay. He just got carried away hearing his own voice.

(Quick side-question about Paterno getting hit in the third quarter. Where the hell was Alfred E. Neuman Mike McQueary? His job is very clear: Recruit top players and make sure JoePa doesn’t fall over during games. On Saturday, he failed.)

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twins15 3:49 AM, November 06, 2006  

Agreed... I've never thought James was all that smart or interesting, but these days it seems like all you have to do is look at someone wrong to get fired as an announcer.

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