The Bottom 3


By early next week, every Top 25 team in America will have opened its season, presumably blowing out the Elon’s and Prarie View’s of the world. Rather than previewing college basketball by telling you that Florida and UNC are lookin’ good or going out on a limb and guessing that Villanova might be down, I’ve decided to break down some of the worst teams in every conference. (Note, the small conferences will be done three at a time, while the major conferences will focus on three pitiful teams – hence the Bottom 3.)

America East
Maryland-Baltimore County
It’s never a good sign when you’re already talking about next year before the current season has even begun. Enter UMBC. The Retrievers are basically mailing it in this year while three transfers sit out, making them an easy target in America East. If you’re a Michigan fan, you’ll enjoy watching your team drop 100 on a team that ranked last in its conference in just about every defensive category imaginable last season

Atlantic 10
It’ll be a rough go for the Dukes on many levels the seasons. You’ve heard of them because this is the team that had five of its players shot in September. Other than still coping with that situation, the team has ten new players trying to help improve on a 3-24 record from a year ago. If this year’s over/under for wins is 3, I’d take the under.

Atlantic Sun
The Dolphins take a 24 game losing streak into Sunday’s opener at Savannah State. The good news is that someone has to come away a winner in that one. I think. The only hope for Jacksonville to not finish in last place is for North Florida, the only team they beat last season, to be slightly worse. One shot at glory? If the Dolphins can pull of an epic upset of Florida on November 16, the balance of power in the sunshine state could forever be shifted.


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