A random where are they now?


My original intent for this post was to give credit to the University of Hawaii football team for its amazing ability to run a set offense. Nobody gets more out of a system than the Warriors, who run & shoot their way to over 500 yards of total offense per game. Junior quarterback Colt Brennan, who has both spent time in jail and living in Laguna Beach, might throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns this season.

Instead, I'd like to shift the focus to Timmy Chang. You know him as the former Hawaii quarterback or as the NCAA’s all time leader in passing yards with 17,072. Chang has been cut by the Lions, Cardinals and Eagles and was the backup for Drew Henson in NFL Europe.

Maybe realizing that his dream of becoming the first NFL quarterback of Chinese decent isn’t going to pan out, Chang has taken up acting in order to pay the bills. His Wikipedia reports that the former college star has appeared in such esteemed classics as “Big Balls 5,” “Chinese’ Lovin’ 3” and “Sex with the Chinese.”

I can’t help but find it amusing when the words “Big” and “Chinese” are associated with porn.

It’s strange that Chang would bring himself to appearing in adult videos when he could probably make the same amount of money playing in Canada or in the Arena league. You’ll have to assume teams in the NFL won’t want to bother with the baggage that Chang brings to the table, making it difficult to ever get another shot.

Then again, he could wind up in Minnesota. That would be fun.


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