Father/Son Beef: Simply Captivating


If you’re into boxing, wrestling storylines or good old fashion shit talking, the buildup for the Floyd Mayweather Jr./Oscar de la Hoya fight is probably going to catch your eye. The hype is going to be of pre-Super Bowl proportions… and not a Jerramy Stevens Super Bowl either… more like the Ray Lewis type.

Yes, murder is possible. Even likely.

The war of words between the two camps began earlier this week with De La Hoya’s trainer, who happens to be Mayweather’s father, saying that little Floyd is going to wind up on his ass.

“This is a case of greed overcoming common sense. He's going to pay for getting greedy. He sees those dollars, but it's not about him wanting to fight Oscar, it's about him wanting to hurt his daddy.”
The elder Mayweather also questioned the ability of his son’s last opponent, exclaiming that he was as slow as ketchup coming out of a bottle. Heinz ketchup at that.

Not to be taken for a chump, the unbeaten and widely considered best pound for pound fighter in the world had some harsh comments for his daddy.
“My father can say whatever he wants to say. He’s said he taught me everything I know but not everything he knows. I’m glad he didn’t, because then my record would be like his. He lost to one legend, Sugar Ray Leonard, but his other losses were to journeymen and cab drivers.”
This has “He Got Game” written all over it.

It’s very likely the Mayweather’s are just playing up their dislike for each other in an attempt to set the all time record for pay per view buys (currently 1.99 million), but the next six months should interesting nonetheless.

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