Two QU athletes arrested


The New Haven Register reports two Quinnipiac basketball players have been arrested after they joked about and then proceeded to urinate on the leg of a female student after forcing her into a bathroom.

One player, freshman walk-on Trevon Charles, has been thrown off the team while the other, freshman James Feldeine, remains on the team for the time being.

The incident comes as the second blemish against Quinnipiac athletics this year. In May, posted apparent hazing pictures of members of the baseball team dancing around in their underwear with a woman in a whipped creamed bikini lying on the floor.

Unfortunately, we see too many athletes sexually abusing women. Usually, however, they aren’t pissing on them. Fuckin’ sickos. If this story went the way it appears to have, Charles and Feldeine should be thrown out of school and prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Anonymous 10:15 PM, November 19, 2006  

Man listen it aint that fukin serious it probably never happened so yea they atlethes in a D1 school how do people know that she was telling the truth.... They two kids were minorities and the girl was white now you tell me.... the grl was white the duke players got away with it cuz the grl was black now the grl is gonna win because shes white its all racism everything is. let her come to the hood with that shit see what happens to her me she not gonna get pissed on..... so stop calling my brothers sickos ...

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