If you didn’t bang Carmen, you probably aren’t that famous


It’s always amusing to watch NBA players fail at living a rapper’s lifestyle. Their albums flop…Their chains get snatched…A white guy fines them when they sag their pants.

Leave it to Allen Iverson to score one for the ballers.

As first bought to my attention by The Big Lead and SOHH, world famous groupie ho Carmen Bryan is releasing an autobiography detailing her relationships with hip hop stars Jay Z and NAS (she has a child with each) and admitting that she was sleeping with Iverson while dating NAS.

While many blogs and Page Six in the New York Post are talking about AI being a “sexual warrior,” -something I can only hope someone writes about me one day- I find the way she treated NAS to be far interesting.

“In the middle of our session, Allen asked ‘Why Nas ain't marry you yet?’ I
wasn't sure how to respond so I said what came to mind naturally, ‘Well if he
did, I wouldn't be here with you right now.’ ‘True.’ He replied with a

“When I arrived Nas got in my car and we talked for a long
while. After our conversation, we went upstairs to Rennette's apartment and
picked up Destiny (their child), who was wearing one of Allen's T-shirts as a
One can only hope this leads to a diss track to or from the Answer.


Miles 1:23 PM, November 17, 2006  

All I know is one thing. Dan is a sexual warrior.

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