Anything to take a shot at ARod


I can’t lie. I’m a total sucker for year in review pieces, even if they’re the most half-assed 1000 words a columnist writes all year. Here’s my favorite snippet so far, courtesy of the Courant’s Jeff Jacobs, who continues to produce some of the best writing in the country despite working in an area that lives for college basketball and high school hockey.

“In 2006, ESPN started using a five-second delay at the Little League World Series after a 12-year-old Staten Island player was caught screaming, ‘Let's get a bleeping run.’ In 2006, A-Rod still couldn't drive in a bleeping run when it mattered.”


twins15 3:30 AM, January 02, 2007  

The A-Rod bashing is definitely getting old... gosh there are times I hate the media. I mean, A-Rod is only on pace to almost break the HR record, but somehow he can't drive in a freaking run!

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