Droppin' Knowledge: 12/26


  • Terrell Owens continues to get killed for leading the league in dropped passes (a stat essentially created for him) despite also leading in touchdown receptions. I wonder if Mickey Mantle caught the same flack in 1958, when he led the American League in homeruns, strikeouts and tied for second among outfielders with eight errors.

    The obvious difference: The Mick didn't have to deal with print media and bloggers that would rather write 100 "fuck insert athlete here" columns than risk getting called out on a fluff piece. Not that anything about T.O. makes you feel fluffy.

  • It’s becoming fair to start wondering if Donovan McNabb is as important to the Philadelphia Eagles as it appears. He’s missed extensive time in three of the last five years and aside from last year (when the whole team was a mess), his backup has come on to play as well, maybe better.

  • If Ron Dayne still reminisces about his college days –and judging by his NFL career, he probably does- I wonder who he thinks is easier to run on, the Colts or Northwestern.

  • The Tennessee Titans would probably be even money to make the NFC championship game.

  • Jeff Suppan is now the highest paid player in the history of modern baseball to ever give up more than 240 hits and 30 homeruns in a single season. Seriously, I understand where the market is in the game right now, but Suppan will not fare well in Milwaukee. The guy misses fewer bats than Rosie O'Donnell does meals.

  • See ya’ Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano. Welcome back Roger Clemens and Jimmy Key.

  • Alleged steroid use plays a big role when evaluating the credentials for future Hall of Famers. Most think sending these cheaters to the Hall would be an embarrassment to the all-time greats before them.

    I say it’s just as saddening to know Johnson and Alex Rodriguez are going to coast to Cooperstown despite being considered mentally unable to play for a team because of the city they’re in.

  • On an off night, I wonder how long it takes Gilbert Arenas to make 100 three pointers before the game.

  • Five, maybe six teams in the Western Conference are going to get to 20 wins before any team in the East.

  • More coming on UConn basketball this week, but the jury is still out on the young Huskies. I’ve never seen a softer schedule, but I’ve also never seen a Connecticut team this quick. It feels like they’re a year away, but they can win Big East this season.


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