Nate Robinson, forgetting he's 4'8, says bring it bitch


Let me begin by saying I could care less about what last night’s brawl at the Garden will do to the NBA’s already questionable image. You know? Fuck it. The fight had nothing to do with the league being too black, too hip hop or too ghetto, as it will almost definitely be perceived. It came out of frustration – the same thing that labels Roger Clemens a rattlesnake when he knocks a hitter down following a homerun.

The corporate sponsors aren’t going anywhere, the league’s not folding and I’m certainly not going to stop watching because a bunch of players couldn’t hold their tempers in check. They are human. If you’re actually contemplating giving up on basketball because of some brawl, then fuck you. You’re probably the same person who condemned baseball to hell after the strike and then came running back when McGwire and Sosa made the game enjoyable to watch again. Yeah, that worked out you stupid bitch.

There is more talent in the NBA right now than at anytime in the last 15 years and people don’t appreciate it because they can’t identify with the players? Because Peyton Manning really gives a shit that he’s on your fantasy team, right?

On to analyzing the brawl.

Mardy Collins becomes the aforementioned rattlesnake. After the game, some Knicks said they felt the Nuggets were running up the score and obviously Collins was intending to send a message. He knew he was wrong. He clearly wasn’t looking to fight, but J.R. Smith wanted someone to pay for the hard foul – and rightfully so.

Enter Nate Robinson, who was still trying to redeem himself from that dunk he tried two weeks ago. He jawed with Carmelo Anthony and then proceeded to go at with Smith. The two ended up in the crowd with Robinson on top of Smith. Let me take the time to question just how tough New Jersey is. A 6’6 guy from Newark is not supposed to be on the receiving end of punches thrown by 5’9 kid from Seattle.

Once that part ended, Anthony saw the perfect chance to gain back some street cred after the whole snitching ordeal. He pushed Channing Frye, who wanted nothing to do with the situation, to the floor. Then he decided to sucker punch Collins, who deserved to be hit, but not like that. I’m still debating on whether or not it was an open handed bitch smack that Anthony threw.

Then Anthony, being a lot more of a pussy than I thought, started to back up waiting for people to get in the middle so he didn’t have to actually square up with anyone. Meanwhile, Robinson was looking for round two with anyone, except ‘Melo. Notice that he ran at him, threw his fists in the air, and turned his back to go find a tag team partner. After, we see Jared Jeffries getting held back by everyone in the Garden followed by a shot of an out of breath Robinson, and just like that, the highlight is over.

In all, ten players were ejected and we now await the inevitable “This is bad for the NBA” column, while we hope for the “Man, Nate Robinson can really throw down” column.

The one column I can guarantee we don’t see? “Maybe the brawl will help rejuvenate the Knicks.”


Rich 2:15 AM, December 17, 2006  

Easy Dan. you seem a little agictated.

The NBA sucks.

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