The Nutmeg in a nutshell: 12/17


Randy Edsall bought some time in his search for UConn’s future quarterback when he landed Junior college All-American Tyler Lorenzen the other day. Still, something doesn’t quite sit well with me about bringing in the quick fix. It’s so Eddie Sutton. Not to mention, there’s only two reasons a Division I athlete goes to Juco: A) He committed a felony not even The U could brush aside – IE double murder. B) He took the SAT by making funny shapes out of the bubbles. Either way, this can’t be good.

New Haven’s Chad Dawson is going to fight for the WBC light heavyweight title.

Yale senior offensive tackle Ed McCarthy was named to the Division I-AA All-American team.

The FCIAC football blog points us to a Stamford Advocate opinion column bashing the CIAC for having too many football classes and then, predictably, for instituting the 50 point rule.


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