The Nutmeg in a nutshell


  • How this guy got his job back is beyond me. Jack Cochran will be coaching at New London again next season despite punching an opposing coach in the face last summer at a weight lifting competition. Aside from that minor infraction, another coach was arrested after getting into a fight with one of Cochran’s assistants two years ago following a game in which New London ran up the score heavily. Later, the state adopted a rule directly aimed at Cochran to prevent teams from running up the score. I guess winning supersedes character even at the high school level.

  • Hillhouse boy’s basketball has now won 31 games in a row.

  • Vickie Fulkerson’s excellent write-up on the Huskies of Honor.

  • Former UConn women’s basketball star Diana Taurasi was named USA Basketball’s Female Athlete of the Year. Good for her. Taurasi is arguably the greatest women’s basketball player in history.


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