Denver gets gully; Philly prays for Oden


I normally hate throwing the NBA and hip hop together because of the negative stereotype it generates, but when Allen Iverson gets traded, exceptions must be made.

Has there ever been three players on the same team more hood than Carmelo, J.R. Smith and now Iverson? Grab a big man from Cali and sign Master P to a 10 day and you’re talking about uniting a whole culture. These boys are going to break some records – namely most players on one team to sleep with Carmen Bryan. It’s just too bad they’re stuck in Denver, where ghetto is considered having just one NorthFace.

Anyway, it would be absurd to think the Nuggets didn’t improve immensely, and it’s hard to believe they won’t eventually pass the Phoenix Suns as the highest scoring team in the league. The question of how Iverson will react to having to share the ball is fair, but a bit skewed. Yes, he’s a gunner, but having barely average players around him (even on the best 76ers teams) played a large role into his propensity for shooting.

In Philly, the Sixers managed to get the three quarters for dollar they were seeking. Acquiring Andre Miller probably signifies the end of former UConn guard Kevin Ollie’s days playing 35 minutes a game. Miller is a talented player, but I think his point guard skills will be featured more if the team can win the lottery and draft Greg Oden. In the meantime, he’ll begin to understand more and more why Iverson enjoyed spending most of his time in Atlantic City. At least he had a chance to win down the shore.

The deal becomes a heist for Denver’s if the Sixers don’t get Oden however. If ever a team could fuck up having three first round picks, it’s Philly, who will probably end up with two tweeners and an offensively-challenged big man. Here’s a crazy stat that really means very little, but proves they can’t even get lucky in the draft: Of all their second selections in the Iverson era up until Kyle Korver (who they traded for), not one player is on an NBA roster today.

As for Iverson, I hope he gets to play for another championship. He’s too great a player to not win one. His leaving Philly is kind of upsetting. The Answer was in a class with the Jeter’s, Favre’s and Elmo’s of the world as stars who never switched teams in an era when moving around became commonplace.

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