The playoffs are here


This has to be the least exciting opening weekend for the NFL playoffs in history. Only the Kansas City/Indy game jumps out to me as a game that could be exciting, and even still, I’ll probably pay more attention to the UConn/Tennesse women’s game. Now that’s intriguing. As for the night game, I honestly didn’t even know who Dallas was playing until about five minutes ago – meaning the Seahawks will end up in the Super Bowl.

Tomorrow’s games involve the local teams, but I can’t see how even Jets or Pats fans find that game watchable. Anytime the focus for an entire week is on a shady handshake between coaches, you know something’s missing. I mean even the two weeks of Jerome Bettis’ emphatic return to Detroit for last year’s Super Bowl made for a better story. The Giants/Eagles could be a great game, what with Big Blue being the Super Bowl favorites and Donovan McNabb back in the playoffs. I just hope golf and Disney on ice runs opposite those games.

Indy 38 – Kansas City 31
The key to stopping the Colts has always been keeping the offense off of the field. You’d think a team that runs the ball on every down with a fantastic back could pose problems. But Indy’s defense is so bad that Peyton Manning will have plenty of time to trade touchdowns with Larry Johnson. How’s that for analysis?

Seattle 24 – Dallas 14
Tony Romo holds on to the ball as bad as any quarterback I’ve ever seen, but somehow this ends up T.O.’s fault.

New England 7 – New York Jets 6
Kill. Me. Now. Chad Pennington reminds me of Jaime Moyer, if for no other reason than because of their incredibly weak arms. The Red Sox would never let Moyer knock them out of the playoffs, therefore the Pats aren’t succumbing to Chad. Again, that’s sick analysis.

Philly 24 – New York Giants 21
Philly should have swept the Giants this year, but all I keep hearing is how the Giants would have beat them the second game had Manning not completely given it away. That’s true, but that’s such a John Madden breakdown. “If Manning can replace the two interceptions he’s bound to throw with touchdowns, the Giants will be in position to win the game.”


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